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We Have A Better System!


  • Terrahawk has a low overhead, efficient business model, which leads to lower costs for owners and their tenants.
  • Owners, Tenants, Vendors, Etc. deal directly with the owner of Terrahawk Group.  This contributes to a high level of responsiveness.
  • Terrahawk manages by utilizing over two decades of experience in all facets of the commercial real estate industry.
  • Terrahawk has no conflicts of interest. 
  • Terrahawk works very hard to keep tenants in buildings.  We do not move them from our clients' buildings to other buildings.
  • Terrahawk does not charge a commission on lease renewals, just a reasonable documentation fee.

Complete Property Management Services


  • Actively promote tenant retention
  • Respond to tenant issus
  • Collect rent
  • Pay bills
  • Coordinate necessary repairs

Asset Management Services


  • Management of acquisition process including underwriting & due diligence
  • Development & implementation of asset strategy

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Terrahawk Group LLC

Adam Raffel President (402) 709-9399 araffel@terrahawkgroup.com